Our three original worlds + links to other books


Roamer, the man with a face everyone fears, wears the menacing look of every outlaw on every wanted poster in every two-bit town throughout the West—six-foot, four inches tall, wide-shouldered, big-handed, and with a hard, scarred face. In truth he’s well read, not fond of violence (though plenty capable of it), and prefers to be alone. Yet people and trouble always seem to find Roamer.
Beginning with Wrong Town (Roamer, Book 1), each new adventure finds Roamer lending a hand to old trappers, Indians, miners, emigrants, fellow drifters, outcasts.… (The Roamer series also crosses over with the short story series featuring Roamer’s mentor, the crusty mountain man, Maple Jack.)
Roamer, Book 2, is due out in the late Fall/early Winter of 2012, and it’s shaping up to be one heck of a gritty ride, so grab some mane, sink spur, and hang on….
Roamer, the all-action series about a far-ranging man’s quest to lose himself in the West.