Our three original worlds + links to other books

The Peacemaker

Having written The Gunsmith series for 30 years--and still going--I've always wanted to try the formula in a different genre. For Adventure Factory I've decided to write about Damon, who is a member of a peacekeeping agency in post apocalyptic America. It's a world where electricity is no more, transportation is once again by horseback or horse/ox drawn wagon., and regions are ruled by self proclaimed Kings and their armies

    Damon is an orphan who grew up in the wastelands, survived alone for years (with no name) until he was drafted into the Peacekeepers. When it came time for him to choose his own name he chose Damon--which is Nomad backwards. 

      Damon patrols the wasteland on horseback with a sword and a still working Old West style Peacemaker revolver. He is judge, jury and executioner, often presiding over executions. Look for lots of action and sex. Think The Gunsmith meets Conan meets Game of Thrones.