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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make an Appointment with Doc

Pretty soon I'll be reissuing one of my western series, The Accomplice. I had a lot of fun writing these books since they're about my favorite Wild West personality, Doc Holliday. Although the accomplice from the title is a fictional character, the events are based in fact and Doc is where he should be at the various time frames in the books. I got to put my spin on moments in his life and tried very hard to keep it true to the man himself.

The series was published a few years back under my pen name, Marcus Galloway. In fact, a review for the third book in the series was just posted on another blog! Check it out by clicking here. Now, once I get some newer, spiffier covers, I'll release them in ebook format. Check back here for more details.

And...since these are already written...they don't impede the progress of the next entries in the Gillis Ledgers or Skinners series. I'll let you know when there's more to know.