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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Building Steam

I love steampunk!!
Just wanted to get that out there. In fact, I love it so much that I've got two steampunk projects in the works as we speak. One of them is a western and the other is more traditional Victorian era steaming with a non-traditional twist. Actually, steampunk itself is non-traditional so does that make mine traditional? Eh, forget it. You know what I mean. Both of these projects are being polished up and edited, so it may be a little while but they will be out before TOO long.

Actually, I came up with these ideas at around the same time I came up with The Gillis Ledgers. I think it's pretty clear that Jake's version of Cincinnati was steampunk inspired, but I couldn't really call it that because there's no steam anywhere. I know...the technical aspects of writing imaginary places. Very cumbersome. Heh.

I'll keep you posted about the approaching steam....uhh....storm? No. Too many storms and too many power outages. Let's call it the approaching steam-pocalypse. Yeah. If any of you have read Skinners, you know I love a good apocalypse. Since this is more of a beginning, though, let's just call them "those two steampunk projects". Sometimes simpler is better.