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Monday, June 18, 2012

And here..we.....GO!

When you're a writer these days, it's easy to get wrapped up in a myriad of things apart from writing actual books. There's marketing, publicity, sales figures, formatting, bullet points, and a whole mess of other crap that reminds me how many marketing, publicity, sales and bullet point creating classes I skipped in college. Those things are necessary evils when publishing your stories independently, but that don't mean I've gotta like 'em!

Seeing this site brings me back to why I do what I do. It's fun! Put all the audience analysis and marketing surveys aside. Writing about mechanized hitmen and building impossible gadgetry is EXACTLY what I signed up for when I committed my life to this craft. I feel like I'm in good company here. No, I feel honored to be in the company of these two at Adventure Factory and I'm looking forward to supplying some good books for your perusal.

Plus, we get to spout off about whatever is on our minds. Could be about our own books. Could be about each other's books. Could be about movies. Could be about a flavor of M&M that simply shouldn't exist. I'm just excited to see where this site takes us and, more importantly, I'm pumped to write some Tommy Gun shootin', airship explodin', trans-dimensional ebook goodness!